Dance focused on Education as well as Recreation



**At the time of registration you acknowledge that you have read and understand the policies set in place by Footnotes Studio of Dance  


GUM, NO FOOD, NO BEVERAGES on the dance floor.  A water bottle may be brought.  Please dispose of any garbage in the proper place.  



To reserve your spot for the 2023-24 season you will pay a registration fee that will cover either dance shoes or your costume deposit depending on the age of dancer. Your spot is not reserved until this payment is made, some class sizes are limited.  For recreational classes you do not need to commit to a full year, however you are asked to give written notice of departure from the class, preferably a two week notice.  You will continue to be billed until notice is received.  Any payments made are non-refundable. 



Tuition is a yearly fee, quarterly tuition is arranged accordingly.  Quarterly tuition is due the 1st of September, December, and March.  If not received by the 15th you are assessed a $5 late fee, and then again for each month your balance is left unpaid.   *Monthly tuition can be set up on a need only basis.  No discount is given for missing classes.  It is important that dancers have good attendance; to encourage this we reward dancers at the year end recital with awards for good attendance.  Classes missed due to absence or family emergency can be made up at the discretion of the instructor, and there will be an additional fee.  Performance group dancers receive 1 absence; any subsequent absence must be made up.  If any performance group dancer misses more than 3 practices the dancer will be asked to only perform in the recital and may be asked to be an alternate for competitions.  There may be an exception, however the dancer and the teacher must agree that they can make up lessons and keep up with their fellow dancers.  


IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL BE ABSENT It is your responsibility to message that your dancer will not attend.  If you know in advance you will miss a class you are asked to put that information on the attendance calendar located at the studio.  If your dancer has not arrive 5 minutes after class has begun one phone call to the emergency contact will be placed.  Footnotes Studio of Dance is not responsible for dancers prior to or after the designated class time.  Parents should make sure dancers arrive at the studio on time are picked up in a timely manner.    


Holiday, Snow & Bad Weather Days

Please call the studio for a recording if any questions about classes being cancelled.  Class cancellations will also be posted on our website @, and an effort will be made to send an email addressing the status of classes due to weather.  In most cases we follow the Morris Area High School calendar for holidays.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be treated as a holiday since many people will be leaving early for the holiday.


*On your registration form you are asked the best way to contact you if dance will not be in session, and during your dancers class time.  

Dance Attire and Shoes


Proper attire is asked for all classes.


 All dancers are required to have hair tied back and away from face

Clothing that is dance appropriate for classes include tight fitting but moveable, such as a lycra or spandex material.  No baggy clothes/t-shirts.  Clothing should be close fitting to allow for instructors to see placement of dancer’s body.

Pink ballet shoes with a leather bottom required for all dancers.

Tan U-shell tap shoes for all Preschool-Kindergarten classes.  Any Tan tap shoes for recreational tap classes.  *Boys should have black ballet/jazz and black tap shoes.

PLEASE, no bulky dance costumes.  We would prefer those were left for dress up, we would like dancers to recognize the importance of practice attire.  In some cases previous years costumes can be worn if they fit the criteria of a leotard.

Ballet classes are mandatory for performance group participation.  Ballet attire is as follows:

Pink tights and any leotard are required for all classes, no shorts allowed for ballet.

Skirts are optional ballet, but only chiffon or lycra—tutus are for performances only.  Any bulky clothing inappropriate for class will be asked to be taken off per instructors request.

No leg warmers once the warm-ups have concluded. 


*The studio does carry a variety of dancewear items for purchase, and as with our tuition we do our best to keep cost reasonable.  All shoes can be ordered through the studio and is preferred for quality and consistency.  All performance groups will receive their required shoes prior to their first performance event.  Dancers are able to use prior year’s shoes for practice.  We have used shoes for dancers when available.  


Costumes and Competition Fees

We do our best to keep our costumes at a low rate.  We do also try to make recreational class costumes something that could be worn by the dancer outside of dance.  We are able to do this if we find the right pieces that match the dances and in some cases they may need to be embellished. 


The average cost per recreational costume is $60, this does not include shoes. 


Performance group costumes range from $65-$75 depending on the brand and style. 


If arrangements are needed to adjust payment schedule for costumes we are willing to do so.  Competition registration fees are a part of the deposits paid for performance group classes.  These deposits must be paid prior to costumes being ordered.  


Class Observation/Performance

Watching class may be distracting to the students.  We ask that parents wait in the chairs provided.  If you will be having a conversation we ask it be taken into the hall.  We do our best to provide dance opportunities so that others can view the progress of the dancers.  If there are any recommendations for local performance possibilities we would be glad to explore the possibility.  We perform one Spring recital which will be scheduled for the middle of May.  We also arrange a Winter Show towards the beginning of December.  Once arrangements are made for our yearly recital we will make those dates available to you so you may make plans for your family and to invite any who may wish to attend.  These events are open to the public.  Occasionally we have opportunities to perform at local events, we will keep classes informed of these events through email.  



All routines, including solos, duets and other specialty routines, are the property of the choreographer and Footnotes Studio of Dance.  Any performance must be approved by Footnotes Studio of Dance prior to the date of the scheduled performance.  Includes any performance where there will be an audience. Examples include talent shows, school performances, and competitions other than those the studio attends.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in a fine charged by the studio and refusal of any future specialty routine request, as well as possible disqualification of future performances with any Footnotes Studio of Dance routine.