Auditions for Performance Groups Only.  Audition week is currently July 31.


Performance Group Information

Auditions are important to placement into proper level class. If missing auditions you may not be eligible for competitions, please contact studio for additional audition information in the event you need an alternate audition time.  

We will have class assignments listed following auditions, please return this information sheet so we can begin to plan for class times so you have a better idea of when times will be.  Again, we will not know class placements until auditions take place.

All deposits must be paid or your dancer may not be registered for performance events. If you have questions about deposits or need to arrange different payment schedule please let us know. **Performance groups pay almost double of our recreational classes for costuming and registration fees. Please keep this in mind.  For more information on these costs please visit us during an open house.
Dancers in performance groups will attend approximately 2 regional competitions, usually held in the Twin Cities area or Fargo. It may require over night stay, however the option is always there to bunk with fellow dancers and in some cases instructors may be willing to chaperone.  Select groups may attend 3 regional competitions.  A nationals event is offered, and some routines may be developed for dancers participating.
​ Performance group dancers are required to attend technique as well as choreography classes. Technique classes are important to learning proper ways of doing movements safely. Please refer to Footnotes policies and procedures in regards to absences. ( Performance Group tuition includes a choreography class and technique class, tuition starts at $65/mo for 2 hours of instruction per week. A registration fee of $100 is charged to all performance group dancers, and will allow dancers access to all summer classes. This fee also confirms your commitment to the performance groups for the 2017-18 season and will be applied to your costumes for the season THIS IS NON REFUNDABLE.  If your August deposit of $100 is not paid you will not be placed into a performance group, this deposit is applied to costumes and registration fees.

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